From accidents to counterfeits
Security & surveillance
The phrase "safety and security" covers a wide spectrum of concepts and applications. It can refer to personal safety in terms of assault or accidents, but also to protection from counterfeit goods. CSEM is pursuing research and development in both these fields.

We combine our advanced CMOS technology with dedicated ASICs—providing data acquisition, pre-processing, and communication—and with sensory approaches, photonics, light effects, and surface structuration. This helps us develop new methods of perceiving, analyzing, and processing information—preventing accidents, combatting counterfeiting, and ensuring the safety of food and drugs.

Our work to protect individuals from the consequences of assault or accident includes the development of devices such as the Limmex emergency call watch and our work on fall-detection sensors. CSEM has also developed dedicated sensors and microsystems; microelectronic processing and communication-integrated systems to interface sensors in the home environment for security purposes, including protection from intrusion or fire; and the preprocessing of information that is then communicated and aggregated. Similarly, we’ve developed systems to monitor the interface between rural and urban areas for signs of flooding or fire.

Traceability is another big safety and security issue. Some of the projects we’re involved in include the special optical features used in official or ID documents to counter the increased counterfeiting threat. We’ve also been part of adapting the very same technology for use in tracing legitimate medicines, an increasingly important activity in this era of ever-expanding e-commerce. Taking counterfeit medication can not only harm the patient, it can also harm the reputation of the company that produces the legitimate product. These technologies can be applied to confirm the legitimacy of a wide range of products, and in brand protection.

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