Ultra-Low-Power integrated systems
System-on-chip design & technology
The applications of electronic devices continue to rapidly increase and diversify, driven by the trend toward smart, adaptable solutions and embedded systems, and by the massive growth in the number of devices connected to the Internet.

There is an increasing need for ultra-low-power, highly miniaturized SoC- (system-on-chip) and SiP- (system-in-package) based solutions. CSEM develops such cutting edge systems to meet the requirements of extremely low power consumption for portable applications including health monitoring, surveillance, industrial control, and consumer products. These complex integrated systems combine low-power wireless connectivity and analog interfaces with digital control and data processing (including with our in-house family of low-power processor cores).

Our IP portfolio includes a complete range of sensor interfaces, including vision sensors and medical sensors (ECG, EMG, heart-rate monitors…) based on very-low-power A/D converters and low-noise analog front ends. Efficient power management circuits optimized for battery operation or taking advantage of energy harvesting can be optimized for your application.

CSEM is a worldwide recognized leader in the field of ultra-low-power and sub-threshold design with pioneering work starting back in the 1960s. In recent years, CSEM has been working with top silicon foundries to develop complete solutions (standard cells, memories…) in sub- and near-threshold to reach the lowest possible figures in terms of energy and power consumption.

In addition to its vast network of industrial customers and partners, CSEM is an active member of a broad research and academic network.

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