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Semiconductor industry
CSEM offers world-class microelectronic design services to the semiconductor industry—from the design of specific, high-performance functional circuit blocks, through complete integrated ASIC or systems-on-chip, to light management for semiconductor optoelectronic components.

From mobile communications and portable computing to wearable electronics and the internet of things—so many of today’s innovative products are only possible due to advances in semiconductor technology. The race toward further integration defined by Moore’s Law continues for digital products. But increased functionality and complexity also calls for “more than Moore” technologies, such as innovative packaging (for example, system-in-package), embedded software, advanced sensors, and connectivity—all with the overriding requirement of ultra-low power.

CSEM, with its decades of experience in ultra-low-power ASIC design, is Europe’s leading independent supplier of ULP design services. Our advanced technologies for analog, mixed-signal, RF, and image sensor design are supplemented by embedded software expertise for smart system integration.  This service also benefits from CSEM’s other technologies, including MEMS, wearable sensors, systems integration, and packaging. Our state-of-the-art design flows use of the latest EDS tools, ensuring first-time-right designs, ready for manufacture.

We also play a major role in light management, developing innovative micro- and nano-optical components for a wide range of light-emitting (e.g., LEDs and lasers) and light-absorbing (e.g., sensors and PV) devices, both at the component and at the system level.

In semiconductor manufacturing, understanding how various materials behave and interact is critical to the creation of a reliable and robust semiconductor package. CSEM provides chip-scale packaging services for reliable microsystems, and deals in state-of-the-art technologies, including wire bonding, flip-chip bonding, optical alignment for active components, and various kinds of bonding processes.

We have a flexible engagement model, ranging from feasibility studies to IP block development; from ASIC design to SOC and small-scale manufacturing.

We work both with innovative SMEs and with some of the world’s leading semiconductor companies and OEMs—all of who rely on us for their most critical low-power designs. While our customers serve many, diverse industries—from automotive to medical; from aerospace to mobile communications—all share CSEM’s commitment to excellence.

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