Microsystems technology
Design & process
CSEM's design and process activity aims to maintain a state-of-the-art platform that can develop and fabricate reliable MEMS products from prototypes to small volume production, even including technology transfer.

Our focus is on the fields of macro-MEMS (micromechanical components), soft-MEMS (flexible and stretchable microsystems, in particular for medical technologies), harsh-environment sensing (e.g., space, environmental monitoring, or industrial environments), and MOEMS (optical MEMS). Swiss industry contributes to these domains on a global level, meaning—in turn—that these domains have a significant impact on the Swiss economy. These fields require continuous innovation and our goal is to find novel solutions.

The watch industry is striving for higher performance, requiring parts that are more complex than current, commercial, state-of-the-art silicon components. Our miniature atomic clocks are likely to impact multiple domains of application, including telecommunications, watchmaking, and instrumentation. In aerospace, we’re developing MEMS for pointing mirrors and gas chromatographs. Ever smaller satellites demand the miniaturization of many instruments and this favors the use of MEMS devices. In the fields of health, biotech, and lifestyle, wearable soft sensors look set to take off: our soft-MEMS platform will put us in a good position to benefit from these developments.

CSEM maintains a fully equipped MEMS fabrication clean room, a reliability laboratory, and application development groups. We’re expanding our clean-room process capabilities and diversifying the characterization methods of our reliability and microscopy laboratories to meet specific MEMS development requirements. Fully versed in materials characterization—including the investigation of microstructure, defects, stress, thin-film morphology, mechanics, and hermeticity—we’re now expanding our know-how to take in thermal and mechanical stress effects on microstructures.

In short, we offer a complete, flexible set of processes; industrial, small-scale production, synergies within CSEM, and a strong emphasis on MEMS development for reliability.

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