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Industries change fast. We help our clients to find solutions even faster and to stay at the top of their field—in the process catalyzing the transfer of technologies and know-how from science to the economy.

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At CSEM, we serve clients in the following industries. Don’t see your own chosen sector of activity? That doesn’t mean for one moment that we can’t help you. At CSEM we are always looking to expand the range of industries we serve. Whether you want to discuss opportunities, have a particular project in mind, or simply want to talk over how we might work together in the future, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Aeronautics & transportation
Technologies that improve the safety, usability, and sustainability of transportation solutions.
Biotechnology & life sciences
Miniaturization, integration, and microengineering expertise to develop new devices, tools, and systems for toxicology, pharmacology, and diagnostics and assays.
Information & communication technologies
Hardware, software, and systems integration expertise for the next generation of connected applications—from wearables to aerospace.
Energy & building solutions
Extensive experience in combining PV and energy management to offer energy-efficient concepts and develop effective solutions for the building sector.
Developing innovative sensors, integrated systems, and cutting-edge technologies to support the cleantech industry's drive to monitor and improve the quality of our air, water, and soil.
From groundbreaking silicon technology for new components to innovative, low-power, flexible, and wearable technologies for smartwatches.
Home & industrial automation
Smart, efficient, and reliable technologies and sensors for process and equipment optimization.
Healthcare, wellness & sport
Custom-made, innovative, non-invasive, and mobile healthcare solutions for sensors, implants, hearing aids, diagnostic tools, and laboratory instruments.
Security & surveillance
Technologies and solutions to combat counterfeiting, ensure the safety of food and drugs, and protect both the natural environment and humans from injury, harm, and disaster.
Semiconductor industry
World-class microelectronic design services to fully integrated ASIC, system-on-chip, or semiconductor optoelectronic components.
Space & astrophysics
Developing highly precise, compliant mechanisms or scientific instrumentation for use in space exploration, satellites, and telescopes.
Food & agriculture
Smart technological tools and solutions to ensure the optimal use of resources and support sustainable farming across all the processes of the food supply chain.
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