Surface engineering
Nano-surface engineering
Our nanosurface engineering activity develops solutions at the interface between micro-, nano-, and biotechnologies. CSEM's R&D teams continuously cross boundaries between different disciplines and evaluate the integration of new enabling technologies in order to develop useful devices and systems.

The activity focuses on material and surface sciences, nanostructuring processes, and engineering. We seek to better understand the physical, chemical, and biological properties of surfaces as they relate to characteristics at the nanometer scale and the development of reliable processes for fabricating submicro-/nanostructured surfaces, films, and components with enhanced performance or unique properties.

CSEM contributes to novel solutions in many different areas, including by developing counterfeit-proof packaging and forgery-proof documents by using micro- and nano-scale security features. We work on ultra-filtration, molecule separation, and sensing with ultra-thin membranes, and on gas- and bio-sensing based on highly specific functionalized sol-gel films. Our development activities include optical components such as polarization and color filters, waveguides, microlens arrays, and refractive/diffractive optical micro- and nanostructures for light management. And we’re also working on biological substrates with tailored cell adsorption or antibacterial properties, and on smart coatings with optimized wetting, anti-fouling, optical, or tribological properties.

We provide lab-scale solutions and demonstrate their applicability, but also invest in upscaling technologies that allow the economically viable production of nanoscale functional surfaces. The methods we offer include replication techniques such as hot embossing, UV casting, lithography, and printing and coating techniques, as well as classical clean-room techniques such as etching and micromachining. This complete chain of modeling, prototyping, and upscaling allows us to optimize any component’s surfaces for the widest range of applications.

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