Medical technologies
The implementation of sensing and processing technologies in embedded, continuous, on-body diagnostic systems will provide lifetime continuous access to clinical excellence. Such portable health systems have a wide range of applications in the domains of telemedicine, rehabilitation, security, home care—in particular for the elderly, health promotion, and sports, as well as wellness and fitness.

CSEM’s medtech research activity ranges from innovative sensing technology for monitoring human vital signs to bio-signal processing and active medical device technologies. We aim to design personal profiles by developing individualized diagnostic and trend-detecting algorithms. The major technological challenge is to operate these diagnostic algorithms so that personal sensor signals can be analyzed to give a reliable diagnosis of an individual’s health status—so-called personal, on-body biofeedback systems.

Future monitoring systems will rely on higher miniaturization techniques in terms of sensor electronics and active medical devices. Mastering non-linear phenomena in the bio-signal processing domain is a major step toward dedicated, portable systems. The integration of sensors, signal conditioning components, processing, and diagnostic tools in clothes, accessories, mobiles phones, pills, and intelligent dry electrodes is an important building block of our research and development activities. Synergies with CSEM's MEMS and ULP research programs are highly strategic and will pave the way for the realization of dedicated, reliable, and cost-effective medical devices.

The medtech research activity aims to strengthen our know-how in biomedical engineering to encompass a broad range of areas, including the physics of environmental phenomena, sensor behavior, human motion, body size, ergonomics, manufacturability, and computer architecture, as well as wireless low-power and low-range communication. The activity is ISO 13485 certified, illustrating CSEM’s strong commitment to developing high-quality solutions for its customers in the medical device technology field.

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