Microsystems technology
Integration & packaging
Integrating microsystems will be a key element of many future high-technology areas of application including healthcare and energy. CSEM's integration and packaging activity develops new integration platforms and their corresponding technologies and seeks to create related products for our customers.

Taking advantage of our ability to master the complex integration of functionalities, we bring together areas including fluidics, optics, mechanics, electronics, and biology to address a wide range of applications. Our objectives are aligned with today’s global challenges, which include sensor packaging platforms for medical and ecological applications, the integration of sensing solutions for harsh environments, and new packaging approaches for implantables and novel light sources. What’s more, while mounting and joining can increase the cost of microsystems considerably—our cost-efficient, flexible, and reliable packaging solutions can reduce this cost.

Extremely accurate positioning requirements and a wide variety of materials and component geometries mean that assembly and packaging techniques still cannot be standardized easily. Being competitive in integration technology therefore means pursuing an extended range of packaging processes with a focus on hybrid integration and hermetic packaging, micro-joining technologies, optoelectronics, and micro-optical assembly.

Miniaturization in optoelectronics also continues to be a primary driver of innovation.

CSEM offers design and prototyping services as well as small series production for optoelectronic, microelectronic, and MEMS applications. We target the hybrid integration of electronic, microfluidic, and optical chips on the same substrate, the packaging of chips for bio-sensing and medical applications, and general MEMS assembly. And all this in a wide variety of markets, including aerospace, watchmaking, medical implants and instrumentation, smart textiles, harsh-environment applications, and industrial photonics, as well as optical telecommunications and sensing.

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