Supplying technologies for smart houses and factories
Home & industrial automation
This price-sensitive market segment demands continuous process and equipment optimization. Manufacturers must innovate intelligently to maintain reasonable margins. CSEM supports manufacturers by providing affordable innovation.

The mechanical and electrical engineering industries are important in Switzerland and in neighboring countries such as Germany. Remaining competitive requires the continuous optimization of processes and equipment through the use of advanced sensors and communication and processing techniques. It also means looking into the future and figuring out the challenges to Swiss Made posed, for example, by offshoring.

Optimization can vary widely according to the application domain. Tools and processes, for example, may be completely different depending on whether the products manufactured are destined for use in photovoltaics, textiles, or automotive parts.

Tools similar to those used in industry can also be adapted to home automation: smart sensors—such as presence sensors using advanced vision techniques—or communication microcircuits can be used for industrial and home automation.

At CSEM we develop machine-learning techniques that make superhuman skills for automation and inspection tasks possible. We automate your complex tasks, applying intelligent control and sensor fusion techniques. Our application software frameworks allow us to easily deploy solutions on your systems. Production systems can benefit from self-aware, smart components (software/hardware), introducing intelligent robotics to manual or traditionally “automated” processes. CSEM produces highly customized, integrated sensing for a broad range of applications, including sensor-integrated robotic tools.

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