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Industrialized countries are today facing huge challenges in their efforts to limit rising healthcare costs and to guarantee their populations access to optimal healthcare systems. In this changing environment it is essential to improve the overall efficiency of these systems.

The ongoing digital revolution and efficient, pioneering medical-device technologies offer patients and doctors new solutions that increase the standard of care and reduce costs. Thanks to CSEM’s industrial heritage—particularly from the watchmaking and microtechnology industries—we have acquired decades of knowledge in the areas of precision mechanics, sensors, and electronics. CSEM’s medical-device technology research activities are paving the way for a new era of digital, personalized healthcare in domains such as sensors, implants, hearing aids, diagnostic tools, and laboratory instruments.

The current focus on prevention, public health, patient empowerment, and out-of-hospital care is transforming the entire healthcare sector. More and more people have started using wearables to track their physical activity, sleep patterns, and calorie consumption, and the trend is toward digital, personalized healthcare. Our research activities on multi-signal ambulatory monitoring are driving global innovations and helping open up new applications in the fields of telemedicine, rehabilitation and home care—in particular for the elderly, and sport, as well as in health promotion and security. Our innovative technologies allow patients to be inconspicuously monitored as they go about their daily business, including when working or sleeping. And systems that offer more comprehensive information will also open the way to a whole range of clinical and physiological studies in real conditions. Finally, our technologies will give doctors, insurers, and rescue teams more information related to occupational medicine, including on how the body reacts to working in harsh environments.

Compared to even state-of-the-art medical monitoring systems, CSEM’s sensor technologies simultaneously offer better ergonomics, higher information content, lower cost, higher autonomy, and better signal quality. Our solutions allow comprehensive measurement of physiological signals during daily activities—including while sleeping—and are thus ideal, for example, for outpatients who suffer from pathologies such as lung or heart diseases. They are also excellent for managing comorbidities, because the same sensors can simultaneously measure biopotential (e.g., ECG or EMG), impedance (e.g., EIT, respiration, GSR, hydration, or fat), skin temperature and heat flux, SpO2, sound (e.g., coughing, wheezing, or snoring), and kinetics (e.g., physical activity and activity classification). CSEM‘s innovative tools for managing pathologies have the potential not only to reduce costs, but also to improve the lives of patients and their caregivers.

CSEM has successfully transferred these and other technologies to industry in the fields of portable human vital sign monitoring systems, point-of-care systems for multi-parameter biochemical monitoring or miniaturized sensing, processing, packaging, and wireless communication technologies to serve the needs of a non-invasive and mobile healthcare service.

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