Making the most of photovoltaics
Energy & building technology
We offer our partners our extensive experience in combining PV and energy management. This unique combination puts us in an excellent position to offer innovative, applied R&D solutions and help our partners overcome the challenges they are facing in energy production, management, and use.

Our center focuses on industry-driven and application-oriented research in the energy field, developing new PV cells and modules and systems solutions and bringing them to technological maturity. The activities involved—crystalline Si, thin-film Si, heterojunction, Perovskites, and organic photovoltaics—target research and innovation along the entire value chain. This includes materials, cells, processing, modules, and systems especially for applications in building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). This allows us to offer full solutions to several types of partner in completely different domains, including equipment manufacturing, PV cells, modules and systems manufacturing, energy provision, architecture, and watchmaking.

Our work is also bolstered by our energy management activity. This includes the development of adaptive and predictive algorithms for energy management in houses, and the management and optimization of the complete renewable energy chain. It also involves autonomous energy management systems for buildings and districts, and reducing the gap between buildings’ energy performance as computed and as measured.

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