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CSEM combines hardware, software, and systems integration expertise with decades of experience to provide advanced wireless communication solutions for the most challenging applications¿from wearable technologies to the Internet of Things (IOT) and aerospace applications.

Wireless connectivity is an essential feature of our daily lives. Mobile communications and the Internet have transformed the way we live, and the pace of innovation shows no signs of slowing down. Emerging applications include wearable health and fitness sensors, e-health, smart homes and factories, and the all-encompassing Internet of Things. But these applications need to be balanced with the demands of battery life, miniaturization, and reliability.

CSEM has been a leader in the field of wireless communication for more than 20 years—from the world’s first demonstration of the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) to today’s satellite and Bluetooth communication. Today, CSEM’s multidisciplinary team of expert designers can provide all of the building blocks needed for a low-power, miniaturized, robust system of communication. Our highly integrated, ultra-low-power RF transceivers offer best-in-class power consumption and sensitivity, and we design miniature antennas and wireless power transfer using the latest simulation and measurement tools, including an anechoic chamber and life-size mannequins/phantoms. Our highly experienced wireless communication protocols team develops both standard protocols (e.g., for Bluetooth Smart and IEE802.15.4) and optimized mesh-network protocols for critical wireless sensor networks. Our systems integrators ensure that customer requirements are understood and met, and that the most appropriate technologies are selected.

We develop products and technologies across the wireless spectrum, from RFID and NFC to ISM, GNSS, Bluetooth, and Zigbee—and beyond to UWB and radar. Examples of our work include medical implants and hearing aids; RFID and Bluetooth Smart; autonomous, robust wireless sensor networks for safety and the protection of the environment; UWB communications for automotive RKE and aerospace; and wearable sensors and smartwatches.

CSEM is also active in optical communication protocols, positioning systems, and characterization. Our most recent activities in this field have focused on connectors, lenses, and micro-lenses, as well as on low-cost pigtailing. We’ve also recently developed ultra-low-noise lasers in addition to these passive components. Micro-mirrors used in laser switching complete the arsenal of technologies that can contribute to meeting the exacting needs of our partners. Our microtechnologies—particularly our MEMS and MOEMS and packaging capabilities—offer our partners active in the field of components and subsystems solutions a significant edge over their competitors.

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