Surface engineering
Bio-surface engineering
Switzerland is a key player in both the life sciences and food industries, hosting major multinational companies and a multitude of smaller firms that contribute to these huge and continually expanding markets. All are likely to benefit from the innovations of our biosurface engineering activity.

Within the fields of cell handling, sensors, and sample handling, we develop platforms based on proprietary technologies with a strong emphasis on the use of manufacturing processes suitable for upscaling. We not only address instrumentation, we also work on consumables, since actors from both sectors are present in Switzerland and consumables alone represent a huge market with very high added value.

Our work in cell handling addresses issues related to cell and tissue culture for toxicology, drug development, tissue engineering, disease models, and fundamental lie sciences R&D. In sensors, we develop optical, electrochemical, and electrical sensors for applications in the field of medical devices. These include wound dressings, cell culture systems, and environmental (water) and food quality control. Proprietary, low-cost fabrication technologies for sensing materials play a key role in the topic. Our sample-handling work develops compact (micro) fluidic modules with integrated actuators or sensors for treating or analyzing samples in the life sciences.

CSEM, with its multidisciplinary strength, is exceptionally well positioned in the field; a positioning that requires competences and technologies in numerous disciplines including surface chemistry, fluidics, cell biology, electrochemistry, electronics, optics, and mechanical design. Our collaboration with Swiss academic institutions at the forefront of research in the field of micro–nano–bio allows us to access the latest developments in research.

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