Industrial Automation
CSEM's automation research activity develops technologies for enhanced manufacturing and process flexibility, making high-quality, small-to-medium-volume products possible. The activity aims to drive the competitiveness of easy-to-use, automated solutions with facilitated man-machine interaction and eco-friendly production processes with an attractive total cost of ownership compared to remote production sites abroad.

We develop technologies designed around process and measurement solutions that lead to an optimum balance between flexibility, autonomy, and throughput—that is, ease of use including task programming and efficient processes. We put special emphasis on the system efficiencies that result from integrated, advanced sensory feedback. Three technological platforms—machine learning, advanced robotic systems, and integrated measurement technologies—support these objectives.

The core elements of the machine learning platform rely on the efficient integration of cognitive algorithms within dedicated automation processes and robotics. Here, such intelligent components make easy-to-use, highly flexible equipment a reality and enable automation tasks to become more complex.

The advanced robotic systems technology platform provides comprehensive, highly efficient, and flexible automation solutions that combine high-performance robotics, machine learning, and integrated sensors in the closed and outer loops, and also develops peripherals such as contactless grippers or vibration feeders with self-learning actuation patterns.

With integrated measurement technologies CSEM delivers sensory awareness within processes and systems while providing robust, cost-effective, and easy-to-integrate sensor solutions. This challenge can only be met by using system-specific, embedded solutions making possible the most direct measurement of the physical properties of interest.

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